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1 Oct, 2014 7:00 am CAT
Businesses, agencies need to work together to truly grasp social ROI
1 Oct, 2014 6:50 am CAT
Mark Shuttleworth will donate R250m to help Africans being screwed over
2014 fifa world cup
10 Jun, 2014 6:15 am CAT
The ultimate guide to enjoying Fifa World Cup 2014 online [Video]
Pay back the money: SA Reserve Bank ordered to return R250m to Shuttleworth [update]
By Stuart Thomas: Senior reporter

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Less flash, more business: why Microsoft is sticking to the basics

Windows-10 Microsoft has gone back to basics. With its latest Windows update, it's being as cautious as a group of retirees crossing a busy intersection. Apart from the unexpected twist in the name (yes, there's no version 9), the latest operating system, Windows 10, is extremely subtle. And with good reason. Based on the preview release, what we know about the operating system so far is that Microsoft decided revert to something much closer in feel to Windows 7. In essence, it ...

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What startups may come: a look at Silicon Savannah in Kenya

Kenya "How would you like to pay?", a cashier at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport asks me. "M-Pesa or cash?" she continues as I try to gather my thoughts. And then it hits me this is Kenya, where mobile payment works and is everywhere. This is Africa's hub of innovation, it is the story Africa and the world has told time and time again. The technology ecosystem here works and unlike Nigeria, the fragments are better held together. So I have ...


Is it a car? Is it a bike? Nope, it’s Toyota’s i-Road

Toyota iRoad Come October, the city of Grenoble in the south-east of France will have 35 new, electric, brightly coloured, three-wheeled Toyota i-Roads on it streets. The vehicles are part of a car-share pilot project Toyota has undertaken in conjunction with the city, French power company EDF and other partners that seeks to offer Grenoble’s residents additional options for completing the last or first legs of local journeys. The i-Road, which started life as a concept car, is a curious mixture of motorcycle ...


Reddit plans cryptocurrency for its community after $50m investment

Reddit-Money This is exciting. Reddit is planning on sharing 10% of its equity with its army of 3-million strong users. It's like taking an IPO to a whole other level! The move comes after the news and social networking sitejust raised a Series B round of US$50-million from a group of investors, valuing it at a massive US$500-million. Reddit CEO Yishan Wong explains: "We are thinking about creating a cryptocurrency [like Bitcoin] and making it exchangeable (backed) by those shares of Reddit, ...

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Facebook censorship extends to artistic breast awareness site Bare Reality

Bare Reality How Facebook concludes that a page, picture, post, link warrants a ban is beyond comprehension. It appears that it involves zero cognitive input and mysterious processes. The latest victim is artist Laura Dodsworth. She is behind Bare Reality, a project that features 100 women, their stories and their feelings exploring how women feel about their breasts. Facebook had temporarily blocked links to Bare Reality Kickstarter campaign and the profile of Ms Dodsworth. Laura Dodsworth was told that she had violated Facebook’s ...

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Who won in the Malema, Mbalula twar? No one really, but we all lost

2014 SONA SPEECH DEBATE Twitter can be a pretty tricky thing when you're a politician, just ask Helen Zille. It can be difficult enough to come off looking good when you're involved in robust political debate (it's why so many public figures have trained professionals manage your accounts), but when you're bickering over a Louis Vuitton belt there can be no winners. Despite having been actively involved in politics for some years now, that thought clearly didn't cross the minds of former ANC Youth ...


It’s called Windows 10: Microsoft surprises everyone with unexpected name, improved UI

Windows-10 It has been a bumpy ride for Microsoft's Windows division since the release of Windows 8 two years ago, but its time of torment looks to be over. Finally. After a not-so-secretive lead up, the new Windows is here, but it's not what we were expecting. Unveiled today at a tiny San Francisco event, Microsoft's latest stab at this "operating system thing" was thankfully not made in the dark, because the world definitely couldn't deal with another poorly designed desktop OS. ...






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