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How important is design for your business in 2015?
30 Jan, 2015 6:29 am CAT
‘Mortal Kombat X’, Conan’s ‘Minecraft’ and Freddy’s pizza: this week’s TGIF Video Roundup
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Memeburn’s 3-minute look at the updated Google Translate app [video]
5 things you need to know about mastering marketing in a multi-screen world
By Ian Drummond
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Hisense trolls Samsung in the best way possible after Protea gaffe

Hisense response Stringent regulations might prevent South African brands from having a proper go at each other in the advertising space, but that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun every now and then. Just take Hisense's reaction to a recent gaffe by Samsung for instance. This week, an image emerged of an advert the Korean publication had placed in a South African magazine, proclaiming that it was a "proud sponsor of the Proteas" alongside a picture featuring three South African ...

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Weekly Roundup #12: Apple earnings, Facebook grows, Connected cars, Lenovo and Design4T

Burn team roof small Welcome to our Weekly Roundup, our podcast that discusses tech trends, innovation and news of the last few days. This podcast edition is hosted by Kyle Hauptfleisch: Memeburn General Manager together with the rest of the Burn Media editorial team: André-Pierre du Plessis, Stuart Thomas, Andy Walker and Jacques Coetzee. This week in tech has been dominated by financial earnings from the big tech companies. We have seen a few drops in revenue and also huge profits with Apple leading the ...

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Google earnings disappoint analysts while ad revenue continues to grow

Google Apple blew investors out of the water with its record earnings. So did Facebook. Google, on the other hand, fell short of analysts predictions with its fourth quarter earnings rounding up to US$18.10-billion, up 15% from last year this time. If the numbers are going up, why are investors still yawning at these numbers? Advertising via Google accounted for 89.2% of the company's revenue in the fourth quarter and 89.5% of its revenue for all of fiscal 2014. Most of this ...


Amazon has a mixed Q4, scores at least some profit

Amazon This week has been financial reports. The figures give us an idea of how tech companies are doing in the market and against each other. The latest figures to come for its fourth quarter is Amazon. Amazon has just released its fiscal Q4 earnings, reporting US$29.33-billion in revenue, $214 million in net profit representing US$0.45 per share. For the past two quarters, Amazon unexpectedly posted losses. It’s $29. 33 billion revenue falls short of the $29. 67 billion in revenue which ...

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Snapchat woos marketers with latest attack on Facebook

Snapchat Snapchat has launched a new feature called Discover, the social networking app's latest attempt to kill off Facebook. Both social networks have been battling it out for the lucrative teen demographic and with Facebook users reportedly ageing far too quickly, Snapchat has released a number of features over the last year to stay young and fresh. Anger against Facebook Last year Facebook angered many brands that depend on it for sending traffic to their sites. In altering its news feed algorithm, the organic reach ...

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5 things we learned from Facebook’s quarterly results

Facebook flower If you're not a numbers person, it's pretty easy to skim over the quarterly financial results released by tech companies. After all, you might think, as long as said tech company keeps producing the product -- or products -- I love, why should I care what its operating margin was or, for that matter, what provisions it's made for income tax. Hidden in those numbers however are plenty of interesting insights into the companies reporting them. Take Facebook for instance. ...

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Bookmarks 2015: record entries, digital power players dominate shortlist

Bookmarks 2015 IAB South Africa has announced the shortlist for its revamped Bookmarks Awards. The awards, which traditionally take place toward the end of the year, didn't take place in 2014. Instead they were moved out to February this year as the IAB -- previously known as the Digital Media Marketing Association (DMMA) -- looked to tie the awards to digital summit taking place on the same day. Both the awards show and the summit will take place in Johannesburg's Newtown ...






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