Social networking
21 Apr, 2015 9:24 am CAT
The silent war with selfie addiction
21 Apr, 2015 6:45 am CAT
Recast opens its doors, lets you tune into your favourite radio station’s playlist online
22 Jan, 2015 6:00 am CAT
Memeburn’s 3-minute look at the updated Google Translate app [video]
Contagious 2015: 5 massive takeaways around why you should be ‘obsessing experience’
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Valentino Rossi wins, Marc Marquez falls: the weekend motorsport roundup

Rossi-Argentina-MotoGP-2015 How dramatic was this weekend's motorsport action? If the duel in the Bahrain desert wasn't enough, the MotoGP action in Argentina was definitely more than entertaining. The NASCAR circus had a rain delay to contend with, and the IndyCar Series enjoyed one of its prestigious events around the streets of Long Beach. All in all, there was a good few moments that really gave motorsports fans a few squeals of delight, and anguish, depending on which side of the fence you found ...

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15 epic free games you should definitely try

dota-2-e1353053253689 We live in a glorious age, where big developers are now making free games. For those who can’t afford to purchase a new AAA title each month, fear not, there are plenty of great games available for you to play across multiple platforms for no more than the electricity to boot that machine. PC gamers, rejoice. Yes, not only are you the master race of gamers, but your selection of free games is the largest, however free-to-play games can now also be ...

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4 top tips for working with a virtual marketing department

Skype_Home_Office_Web Virtual marketing departments are becoming more commonplace in many businesses today, as the practice saves time, money and produces better results when the work relationship is solid between the business and the virtual department. However, many businesses often simply leave everything in the hands of the virtual department, which subsequently results in less than favorable production, a waste of expenses and marketing efforts that don't produce a good ROI. To take full advantage of the benefits a virtual marketing department can ...

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Google now lets you download your entire web search history

Google Google is letting users to download their entire search history. Though this is virtual data, imagine it tangible, every last thing you have ever searched for on Google, years and years of searches and now collected into tangible data. This could rise into a small mountain, or if laid across a flat surface, stretch for miles. It is not only the amount of it but the contents of it. It is about what have you been searching for and what ...

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This app tricked 100 000 users into giving away passwords with the promise of free followers

Instargam We all love it when we get new followers on social media. But how far are we willing to go to get those followers? As it turns out, a great many of us are willing to give away highly secretive information. Just ask the people who downloaded an app called InstLike. The app claimed to be able to get you likes and followers on Instagram just by inserting your username and password. More than 100 000 people fell for it. The ...

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Twitter now allows users to send direct messages to anyone

Twitter logo blue on grey Twitter has announced new changes to its direct message features. Users can now, unlike before, send direct messages to other users even when they are not following them. Users can also opt to accept direct messages from any other Twitter user. The feature is not completely new, and it is interesting that Twitter rolled it out to some users in 2013 and is only rolling it out now to the general public. The feature has a new Direct Message button ...

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Global smartphone shipments reach 291.2m units in Q1 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 The global smartphone shipments for the first quarter of 2015 reached 291.2-million units, a drop of 9.2% compared with the prior quarter, according to the latest research by TrendForce. Samsung is dominating the smartphone market with a market share of 27.8 % in the first quarter of 2015, improving from 24.7% in the fourth quarter of 2014. Apple came in at number two on the list with a market share of 19.9%, its share declining from 23.2% from the fourth ...






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