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Popcorn Time: what the ‘Netflix you always wanted’ taught us about ourselves
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Built in Africa: Shaking Sun’s Akaliza Keza Gara on using tech to tell African stories
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How to unlock 3 awesome hidden tricks in Google Maps [Video]
Nike’s Fuelband failure signals a win for wearables
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Facebook sucks at innovation and its products fail a lot

Facebook iPhoneIn a few short weeks millions, okay thousands, of Facebook developers will descend on San Francisco to attend the social network's famed developer conference -- F8. The event has been on a three-year hiatus since Facebook went public, but it seems to have come back in full force with a jam-packed event for developers.This year's event is specifically geared at developers and Facebook says that it won't have major user announcements at the event. The company wants ...

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5 simple innovations that changed motoring forever (and one that could)

Citroen DSThe global car market is an arms race between a, relatively, large number of manufacturers owned by a much smaller number of big companies. In that race, the best a manufacturer can hope for is that it can bring an entirely new innovation to market before any of its competitors do. Failing that, it'll hope that it can present that innovation in a manner or at a cost that its competitors simply cannot match.Right now, some those innovations can ...


5 Square Enix franchises Sony’s really going to miss

FF13By now you’ll no doubt have heard the news that, in an effort to lift its profits and minimise loss, Sony Computer Entertainment has sold off its shares in game publisher Square Enix, producers of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts among many others. The 9.52-million shares (approximately 8.2% of Square’s shares, making them one of the company’s largest shareholders) amount to somewhere in the region of US$46.9-million.What many don’t realise is that Square Enix Holdings isn’t just a developer and ...


Meet the Osteoid, a 3D-printed cast that actually makes your bones heal faster

leaaadBone fractures plague millions around the world annually, yet progress in the realm of treatment and technology have been sluggish at best since the introduction of the plaster cast in the early 1800s.Traditional casts are inconvenient in many ways: they often get itchy and smelly, are heavy, and absorb water. Not to mention, patients often have to wear them in excess of six weeks, frequently impeding their cash flow and lifestyle.Last year, a 21 year-old University of Wellington graduate, Jake ...

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Twitter stops the teasing, rolls out its new look to everyone

New TwitterWe’ve been teased for nearly a month but finally we get to have the new interface that looks incredibly familiar. As we’ve stated before the new interface takes a page from its bigger brother in the social world, Facebook.You can update your own account right now.It but seems a bit imposing at first, with the initial posts being far larger with bigger fonts which diminish in size as your feed goes further into the past. I’m sure we will get ...

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Woah. WhatsApp says it now has half a billion active users

Facebook WhatsappAh, WhatsApp. The little green multiplatform messaging app isn't a stranger to big numbers. On a good day, it can process 64-billion messages in 24 hours. We already knew it was bigger than Twitter -- which is why any outage has people worldwide all but taking to the streets in anguish. But WhatsApp is still growing -- so fast in fact, that it's headed towards the big 1-billion.While the team is generally quite quiet on the user numbers front ...

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HBO just wants Game of Thrones to trend on social media (no spoilers)

Game of Thrones Season 4If you haven't watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, it's okay there are no major plot spoilers here. Last season Game of Thrones (GoT) got rather boring for me and as someone who had painstakingly read all the books and its mostly wasted words, I was happy to see HBO condense the show and cut out all the rubbish. It didn't. This season, however, things have been looking up.Since coming back about three weeks ago, the show ...






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